Bed Bug Solutions

Bed Bugs – Insecticides are the Primary Control Tool against Bed Bugs

Years ago bed bugs were effectively contained and eradicated by the use of wholesale insecticide spraying of beds, floors, wall, and furniture by DDT.  Because of resistance to DDT and other insecticides, and possible health risks in using them as well, much has changed since those early days.  However, the preferred method of controlling bed bugs has not really changed.  Insecticides are more heavily regulated than 50 years ago to help protect the professionals and the general public using them, as well as the environment.   But, they are still the major tool in getting rid of bed bugs.

Another change in combating bed bugs is that insecticide treatments 50 years ago normally only required one application to control them for months (or more).  For a variety of reasons the insecticides used today are not nearly as effective against bed bugs.  Today, many companies insist one treatment is usually not enough and that retreats for bed bugs are now the rule more than the exception.  We have had excellent results on just one visit because of our unique and comprehensive method of control.  While we do charge per treatment, and by no means guarantee full eratication with only one visit, we have had great success. We have many references available from satisfied customers.