The Company, The Process and Making Sandwiches

Outdoor Services Inc. is a state licensed pesticide applicator business both in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The owner, Stephen C. Miller, is a licensed pesticide applicator both in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. “Steve” has over 20 years experience with using pesticides effectively.

Outdoor Services Inc. was established in 1997 and was primarily a landscape maintenance company. Common pesticide applications included, lawn, tree & shrub insect control as well as lawn weed control and fertilizers both in residential and commercial settings.

Over the years Steve has worked with the local municipal government to handle all of their pesticide applications. This included routine building maintenance, Interior and exterior pest control, roadside vegetation and mosquito spraying.

With the resurgence of Bed Bugs over the past 10 years, household pest control has been the main focus of our company. Steve’s great reputation, hard work ethic and problem solving ability has created quite a demand for his expertise and experience in the bed bug exterminating industry. Steve has attended and continues to attend many educational courses thru: Penn State University, Pennsylvania and New Jersey departments of agriculture and chemical manufacturing companies devoted to educating the pest control profession.

The bottom line is that I offer an aggressive,1 time treatment which has proven to be highly successful. I am not going to try something new at your home. I am going to use the same recipe I have used successfully time and time again at many, many homes over the past 10 years. . It works great!

Steve On Providing Quality Service:

“As a youth, my first employment experience was at a small family pizza restaurant making sandwiches. While in training, the owner gave me some great advice about sandwich making and life in general. He said “Make it like YOU are going to eat it”. This is how I approach all my jobs, as if it was my house, my bedroom, my family. I pride myself 

on quality work, reasonable prices and helping others.”