What to expect from our bed bug treatment

We spray a liquid formulation which contains three components:
  1. A flushing agent, which flushes bed bugs out from where they are hiding.
  2. A growth regulator which sterilizes bed bugs so they cannot reproduce. This is very important because bed bugs multiply rapidly. 1 bed bug can turn into thousands within a couple of weeks time.
  3.  A contact agent which kills bed bugs and provides residual control for up to 6 months.
In addition to spraying, we dust using a powder. This works by drying them out. It is low in toxicity and provides residual control for up to 8 months.
We spray an aerosol formulation which provides instant knockdown. This works great in areas which may be cluttered like closets. Overall we are combating the bed bugs with a solid, a liquid and a gas. ( powder, spray, & aerosol) The combination provides immediate knockdown to risidual control for up to 8 months.
  • You will need to stay out of the treated areas for 3-4 hours.
  • When you return you will need to install mattress encasements. We sell inexpensive plastic encasements which zip up.
  • You will see a coating of white dust. Try to brush it into the carpet with a broom rather than vacuum it up. Remember it will provide control for up to 8 months.
We have found our treatment process to be very effective. While many companies insist on making several treatments, we have had great success with only one treatment per dwelling. We can provide you with as many references as you like. Please do not interpret this as a guarantee but we almost never have to return for retreatments.

Landlord / Tenant Specialist!

Working among landlords and tenants can be a unique dynamic which can bring unique questions, challenges and solutions. I have and currently work with many landlords and tenants on single family and multi family rental units. The key to success is having all parties informed and cooperative to reach a common goal. Remember Bed bugs are no ones fault……..but everyone’s problem.